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Nepal: Authorities must stop ruthless evictions of Indigenous peoples (21.07.2020 news)

Exposed, Silenced, Attacked: Failure to protect health and essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic (13.07.2020 research)

Nepal: Authorities must deliver justice for Dalit killings (28.05.2020 news)

Nepal: Supreme Court’s decision reaffirms the need to amend transitional justice law (01.05.2020 article)

Qatar: Migrant workers illegally expelled during COVID-19 pandemic (15.04.2020 news)

Migrant workers must not left behind (06.04.2020 article)

South Asia: As COVID-19 spreads, fears rise for people at higher risk (26.03.2020)

Qatar: Migrant workers in labour camps at grave risk amid COVID-19 crisis (20.03.2020 news)

International Women’s Day 2020: Why the fight must continue … (06.03.2020 blog)

Human rights in Asia-Pacific: Review of 2019 (30.01.2020 research)

Amnesty International staff detained in Nepal (27.01.2020 news)

Nepal: Recent steps undermine transitional justice (25.01.2020 news)

Nepal: Information Technology Bill threatens freedom of expression (16.01.2020 news)


Nepal: 13 years on, no justice for conflict victims (25.11.2019 research)

Nepal: Land for landless peasants – Comments and recommendations on admendment to the Land Act 1964 (15.10.2019 research)

Nepal: Justice stalled for conflict-era crimes (29.07.2019 article)

Nepal: Open letter to Urban Minister on the Right to Housing Act 2018 (19.07.2019 research)

Nepal: Right to Housing law must be strengthened to prevent homelessness (13.06.2019 article)

Adequate housing for all – Nepal: Analysis of the Right to Housing Act 2018 (11.06.2019 research)

Let’s talk menstruation – and the women breaking the taboos around it (28.05.2019 impact)

Nepal: To end hunger, strengthen and implement Right to Food law (04.04.2019 article)

Right to Food in Nepal – Analysis of the Right to Food and Food Sovereignty Act 2018 (03.04.2019 research)

„I maintain a positive attitude and recognize success“: Six South Asian women tell their stories (08.03.2019 campaigns)

Zwischen Heimat und Hölle (00.03.2019 Amnesty Journal)

Nepal: Transitional justice process must be brought on the right track (11.02.2019 research)

„I knew I couldn’t stay silent anymore“: meet the women fighting sexual violence in Nepal (08.02.2019 news)

Will Human Rights turn around in 2019? (22.01.2019 blog)

Walk The Talk (21.01.2019 blog)

Nepal: Authorities must proactively act to eradicate the harmful practice of banishing women and girls to insanitary and dangerous huts during their menstrual cycles (14.01.2019 media quote)


Nepal: Release Amnesty International activists now (30.11.2018 news)

Vom Himalaya in die Hölle (10.2018 AmnestyJournal)

Nepal: Government of Nepal must act diligently to implement rights provisions under the constitution (12.10.2018 research)

Südasien: Justice still elusive for thousands of disappeared  (30.08.2018 research)

Nepal: Draft bill on transitional justice falls short of international law and standards (20.07.2018 news)

Nepal: Preliminary Comments – Draft Bill to Amend the Act on Commission on Investigation of Disappeared Persons, Truth and Reconciliation, 2018 (20.07.2018 research)

Südasien: End appalling use of torture and other ill-treatment  (26.06.2018 research)

Nepal 2017/2018 (2018 annual report)

Nepal: Transitional Justice Proving Elusive (13.02.2018 news)


Nepal: Migrant workers failed by government, exploited by business  (18.12.2017 news)

Nepal: Government must deliver on promises on migrant worker abuse (08.08.2017 research)

Turning people into profits – Abuse recruitment, trafficking and forced labour of Nepali migrant workers (06.06.2017 research)

Nepal: Unscrupulous recruiters given free rein to exploit migrants (06.06.2017 news)

Open Letter to the Attorney General of Nepal: Pursue Appeal in Maina Sunuwar’s case (19.05.2017 research)

„What I want is for the Governmetn to Help“ – Nepal: Ensure the right to adequate housing for the marginalised in post-earthquake Nepal (25.04.2017 research)

„BUILDING INEQUALITY“ – The failure of the Nepali Government to protect the marginalised in post-earthquake reconstruction efforts (25.04.2017 research report)

Nepal: Two years on, the government continues to fail marginalised earthquake survivors (25.04.2017 news)

Nepal: Need Effective Steps to Enforce Court Verdicts (20.04.2017 news)

Nepal: Investigation urgently needed after security forces shoot protesters dead (07.03.2017 news)

Nepal 2016/2017 (21.02.2017 annual report)

Qatar –  New name, old system? Qatar’s new employment law and abuse of migrant workers  (15.02.2017 research)

25. Juli 2020

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